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Graphotype Machines
   A forgotten part of history . . .

I was selling snow cones when I decided I wanted to sell something else.  The military always interested me as both my mother and step mother were in the US Army.  So since I am an Army brat I figured why not sell dog tags.

When my father and I went to find a dog tag machine we found much more than just dog tag machines . . .

Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation, the manufacturer of the Graphotype was at one time larger than General Motors Corporation. 

AM played a major role in shaping America into what we are today.

I became fascinated with the Graphotype machine after I found out that it was invented in the 1890's.



Thank you Graphotype.net

I want to say thank you to Graphotype.net for allowing me to post photos of my Graphotype collection.

I hope to have one of each model Graphotype in my collection before it is over.

Graphotype.net is the only on the internet for the most complete information regarding Graphotype machines and their history.

- Kobie


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While we have compiled quite a library of data relating to the Graphotype our visitors have "life" experiences involving Graphotype machines.

It is for this reason that we value your input.  Please contact us with any information, comments or questions you might have about Graphotype Machines.

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Dog Tag Machines in Dallas, TX

One of our members sent in these photographs of Graphotype machines in Dallas, TX.

These machines belong to Kobie.

Kobie sells dog tags at gun shows and on the Internet.  Kobie is also a collector of Graphotype machines.  From the photos below it appears that Kobie is building quite a collection.  Check out his web site . . . DogTagsRus.com soon to become MrDogTag.net

Addressograph Graphotype 6400

Graphotype 6381


Graphotype 6341
Loaded on Trailer
Going to Gun Show

Graphotype 6340




Graphotype Class 6100

Graphotype G1 / 6100 Class machine
Loaded and ready to take to the
Big Town Gun Show - www.classicshows.com


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