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Overview of partial contents.


There are still GOLD MINES out there !!!!!

Here are some photos of a Graphotype related equipment that was just discovered in March of 2006 - lost for over 30 years.  We are currently working to try to keep this equipment from going to the scrap yard.

This lot of machines was purchased.

In March of 2006, Graphotype.net was contacted by a real estate broker in Chicago, Il.  The real estate broker indicated that he had a building that was under contract and he needed to sell the contents of the building. 

Above and Below are photographs of the building contents.  Graphotype.net does not buy or sell equipment - so we contacted several of our members and showed them what was being offered.

The problem was that the broker had the building under contract and the closing was in less than one week from the date of our initial contact.

One of our members made a deal with the real estate broker and purchased a large lot of all the Addressograph and Graphotype related items.

In June of 2006, 18,000 lbs. of material was moved into storage.  Soon Graphotype.net member www.dogtagsupply.com will have the inventory sorted and posted for sale on their web site.

To conserve bandwidth you may review the rest of the photos by clicking on individual thumbnails and the photo will auto enlarge.

Graphotype Machines stored for 30 years.

Most of these machines were recovered and are now in storage awaiting a final disposition.

More Graphotype Machines - seeking a new home.

Graphotype Class 6300 debosser

Addressograph Graphotype 6341 debossing machine

Class 6300 Graphotype machine

Class 6400 embossing Graphotype machine

Class 6400 debossing Graphotype machine

Class 6400 Graphotype missing hard shell

Addressograph and Graphotype Spare Parts

Addressograph Plates - small sample

Addressograph Plate Cabinets

Sample board indicating Addressograph plates available

On the board above is a sample of the plates that were produced at this facility.  Most of these plates were made of EPT material and made on hydraulic presses in house.

Graphotype and Addressograph spare parts

Addressograph Graphotype spare parts and supplies

Hydraulic Punch Press for making Addressograph plates and Dog Tags

The press weighed too much to move and was lost to the scrap yard.  This particular press was a 20 ton Rousselle OBI (Open Back Inclinable).

Raw coil material for making Addressograph plates
EPT - Electro Plated Tin for making plates

The EPT was too heavy to move and was lost to the scrap yard.  This material was new and had the military specifications printed on the rolls, it was a shame to loose this material but we could not locate a source of funding to help us move this inventory.

Coil "center" roller to feed punch press

The centering coil was used to feed the EPT in to the punch press to make the plates and dog tags.  The centering reel went with the press to the scrap yard. 

Raw material for dog tags

Addressograph machines

In the building there were dozens of Addressograph machines - most of these machines were sent to the scrap yard as they have little to no value in the current market and the logistics of moving and storing them was beyond our capabilities.

More Addressograph machines

These Addressograph machines appeared complete and intact - unfortunately we had to pass them to the scrap dealer.

Newer Addressograph machines

Internal view of an Addressograph machine

Brand new Addressograph plate storage cabinets

New cabinet for storing Addressograph plates

The new Addressograph cabinets were sold on-site to walk up customers that wished to have them.  Many of the customers said they were going to use them to store things in their garage.

Addressograph plate imprinter

Graphotype Die and Punch sets

Close up of Graphotype Die and Punch sets (one of many)

Graphotype Machines Lost in Time

Addressograph Tape Punch

More equipment

Addressograph Tape Punch Machine

Graphotype Model?

Does anyone have information on these machines?

Graphotype Machines awaiting a new home.

Shop overview

Graphotype Equipment

Carriages for Graphotype Machines

More carriages


Need Addressograph plates?

Graphotype 6400

Graphotype class 6300

Graphotype class 6300

Graphotype class 6400

Addressograph Graphotype class 6300

Addressograph plate cabinet drawer

Dies for making Addressograph plates

Dies and punches used for making the Addressograph plates and dog tags.  These dies were used in the hydraulic presses.  We recovered many of the dies and they are currently in storage but with limited funds, they will most likely end up in the scrap yard before it is all over.

Heavy dies

Plate Dies

More dies

Graphotype ready to make Dog Tags

Graphotype 6400 missing covers

Sample plates made in house

Marking equipment

Punch Press to make plates

Punch Press

NOS work lights

Got Plates?

Jaws, Jaws, Jaws

And . . . more Jaws

Jaws and parts

More Parts

Keyboard Buttons

Sorted Parts

Data Plates - Military

Punch Press for making plates

Addressograph Imprinters



Shelves of supplies

More supplies

Graphotype Machines stuffed in corner


It has been said that there were dozens of manuals, documents, drawings, photos and other related information about Addressograph and Graphotypes.

# # #

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