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Model 70

Addressograph Model 70

The "Infamous" Addressograph Model 70 - The sole reason for the "notch" in military dog tags.

The "notch" in the dog tag has been the foundation for some of the greatest urban legends of all time.  Elsewhere on this site the "notch", it's truth's and myth's are discussed in greater detail, here we want to discuss the Addressograph Model 70 which is the reason for the "notch".

Through out this document we have "peppered" photographs of the Addressograph Model 70 and supporting documentation.  We hope that if any visitors have further information that they will contact us and pass that information on so that it might be presented here for all to review.

Model 70 Controls view 1

Cover of Addressograph Model 70 Manual

The Addressograph Model 70 has a inked ribbon that imprints the information from a soldiers identification tag onto paper documentation.

Proper tag insertion Addressograph Model 70

Page 2 of Addressograph Model 70 Manual

What do others say about the "notch"?

One of the most respected authorities on the Internet that specializes in setting the record straight between Urban Legends and the truth is SNOPES.com 

Snopes essay titled "Notch for the faint hearted," is one of the most recognized compositions on the subject of the notch found in WWII dog tags published by an independent third party available on the Internet.

The article "Notch for the faint hearted," can be found here -notch-.

While snopes.com has become the Internet's truth source, there are many other references to the "notch," and the truth behind the "notch".  Below are listed some other references to the truth behind the "notch," in WWII dog tags.

Paul Braddock -

"Dog Tags - A History of the American Military Identification Tag 1861 to 2002" by Paul F. Braddock

Page 51 and 52 of Mr. Braddock's book specifically addresses the myth behind the notch being a "Tooth Notch".

Side Note: This book is one of the greatest resources dedicated to the military identification tag available.  The first printing is now "out of print" but we have spoken to the author and are preparing for a second printing of this book in the near future.

Quartermasters Museum -

"A Short History of Identification Tags," by Captain Richard Wooley is another article that clearly illustrates that the "notch," found in WWII dog tags was not a "Tooth Notch."

World War II Combat Medic -

David Steinert provides a short explanation and some illustrations of the "Notch," as it relates to WWII identification tags.  His web page titled "The Real Reason for the 'Notch' in the WWII Dog Tag" can be found here -Combat Medic-

DogTagsRus.com -

Kobie has several pages dedicated to the Addressograph Model 70 and the history of the "Notch," as it relates to the WWII dog tag.  Kobie's web site also has information on the Graphotype machines used to imprint dog tags.  Kobie's web pages maybe found here

-Addressograph Model 70-

-The Notch - Is it a Tooth Notch? - A Locating Notch  . . . -

Kobie also makes "replacement" WWII notched dog tags on real WWII vintage equipment.  Many tags made by Kobie are indistinguishable from the originals when reproduced.

Model 70 Controls view 2

Paper / Form orientation Model 70

Page 3 of Addressograph Model 70 Manual

Addressograph Model 70 Parts Diagram

Top View Diagram of Addressograph Model 70

Front View of the Addressograph Model 70 Spool Assy.

Back Cover of Addressograph Model 70 Manual

Seeking Information about the Addressograph Model 70

Seeking military documentation of any kind related to the Addressograph Model 70, including but not limited to:

Documents imprinted using the Model 70
Regulations, orders or instructions for the Model 70
Repair, service or care manuals for the Model 70

Seeking any documents containing the following numbers, in any capacity that might relate to the Model 70:

Army Stock No. 54-M-29055
Army Stock No. 54-M-29055-50
Army Stock No. 54-M-29065
Medical Department Item #99387

Seeking any attachments for the Addressograph Model 70

Seeking any variations of the Model 70

Seeking any holsters, cases or storage boxes for the Addressograph Model 70

Should you have any of the things we are seeking or know who we might contact about the Model 70 please use the email button on the left to leave us a message.

As always we will provide total credit for any and all contributions.





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