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A Graphotype Registry?

These thing are not guns - why should I register my Graphotype?

This Registry was created by Mr. Robert Buettner a founder of Graphotype.net and the owner of Stampedout.net, a on-line dog tag supplier.

The purpose of the Registry is to keep track of machines, owners and operators.

As Graphotype.net comes across new information we want to be able to pass that information on to owners and operators of Graphotype machines.

Any owner/operator knows that parts and machines are becoming increasingly difficult to find and it is the hopes of Graphotype.net to keep a running registry of owner/operators so that the community can stay informed and keep in contact.

- Registry FORM here -


Privacy and the Registry

Graphotype.net has a simple privacy policy.  What ever you want private is private - period.  No information is shared with anyone for any reason without your express consent.

The information on the Registry is general in nature and there is no contact information provided unless you the owner specify that we place a link to your web site or email within the Registry.

Use the Registry Form to enter new machines into the Registry.

- Registry FORM here -


Please Contribute Content
To this web site.

While we have compiled quite a library of data relating to the Graphotype our visitors have "life" experiences involving Graphotype machines.

It is for this reason that we value your input.  Please contact us with any information, comments or questions you might have about Graphotype Machines.

Contact us direct:
Tactical Support Module

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Graphotype Registry

The Registry is ever changing and as such we have placed it on it's own page.  You can view the Registry by clicking below - your browser will open  a new page - to return here to the web site just close the page you are viewing.


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