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Let this serve as notice to all SELLERS on eBay.

Graphotype.net works hard to bring the best and most accurate information to the Graphotype community.   As such we COPYRIGHT all the information on our web site.  There has been a recent trend by SELLERS on eBay to use TEXT and descriptions taken directly from the Graphotype.net website.

While we are honored that people find our information so valuable they have to plagiarize our website, we expect and demand that those who wish to use information from our website give proper credit to Graphotype.net for the information used.

Proper credit means that you clearly state that the information came from www.graphotype.net in the same size font as the description or so that it stands out in contrast to the description.

Failure to give Graphotype.net credit for work done or if credit to Graphotype.net is found to obscure at the minimum WILL RESULT in Graphotype.net staff contacting eBay and having your Auction canceled for copyright violations.

eBay SELLERS have been warned, you MUST to give this matter the attention that it deserves.

Once in a Lifetime

Opportunity is where you find it.



If you are adept at writing and composing we are currently seeking authors to contribute content to the Graphotype.net web site.  We have 1000's of pages of documentation and historical information that needs to be compiled into a format that can be delivered to our visitors.

We are seeking anyone that is wanting to contribute to become a part of the Graphotype.net team.

Prospective Authors
Contact us Here

If you have any interest in becoming a member of the Graphotype.net team please email us



Send us your photos of Graphotype machines and related items.

Make sure you send us your contact information so we can publish credit for the photographs


Please Contribute Content
To this web site.

While we have compiled quite a library of data relating to the Graphotype our visitors have "life" experiences involving Graphotype machines.

It is for this reason that we value your input.  Please contact us with any information, comments or questions you might have about Graphotype Machines.

Contact us direct:
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Terms of Use


eBay Related Information

eBay Sellers Notification

eBay Forum Information

All the FINE PRINT . . .


Graphotype.net is property of and owned by

Plantation Lumber Company

Contact Information for Graphotype.net:

PO Box 271523
Dallas, Texas 75227

Terms of Use

As of 01/01/2006 terms of use are simple, the review, respect and honor of our copyright information and policy is assumed and agreed to by anyone visiting our web site.


2005-2010 Graphotype.net, PO Box 271523, Dallas, Texas 75227.  All content, images, text, code on the Graphotype.net web site is copyrighted and property of Graphotype.net

Graphotype.net will not be held responsible for any electronic data errors and reserves the right to correct any errors.

All rights reserved on images, code and text. Unauthorized duplication are in violation of applicable laws.

Violators agree to pay Graphotype.net a usage fee of one thousand US dollars per month (one month minimum) for each use of image, code, text or web site content, published or publicly displayed. All rights are reserved. 

GRAPHOTYPE.NET and ALL contents of Graphotype.net are COPYRIGHT of www.graphotype.net, Plantation Lumber Company and it's respective owners. 

All rights reserved and copyrighted.

None of our material may be used without written permission***.  Written permission my be requested by emailing us directly at info@graphotype.net

*** eBay sellers see our eBay page for specific copyright rules pertaining to the use of information from Graphotype.net in auctions.

If you make legitimate use of or we grant permission to use information from this web site, you must publish www.graphotype.net as the source and provide a hyper link to our web site.

Images submitted to Graphotype.net by third parties.

Graphotype.net receives images and photos from members and third parties who submit images and photos to us for publication.  Graphotype.net has a published policy that we request when people submit images or photos to us that they provide us with the proper information to so that we may provide credit to the image or photo owner.

While Graphotype.net will not knowingly publish or display copyrighted material without the permission of the owner, we will not be held responsible for images and photos submitted to us by third parties.  Should you find an image or photo on our web site that you suspect to be in violation of any copyright protections please inform us directly and we will review the image or photo in question.  If it is found that any questionable image or photo is in violation of copyright protection laws we will remove the image until such time that Graphotype.net can work out a resolution with the copyright holder.

Use of this web site the user agrees to, grants and guarantees Graphotype.net, it's owners and staff protections from copyright violations in as such that Graphotype.net once informed of a copyright violation will have up to two weeks from date of receipt by Graphotype.net of notification to address and correct any such violation.

All copyright violation concerns MUST be received in writing by Graphotype.net before they will be addressed.  You may email any and all copyright concerns directly to us using this link - LEGAL -

eBay Related Information

Addressograph Multigraph has long since gone out of business.  As such eBay has become the predominate sales venue for Graphotype machines and Graphotype community related items.  Because of eBay's international reach and the nature of Graphotype equipment many sellers find that eBay offers them an opportunity to sell their equipment that no other sales venue can replicate.

Because eBay has developed into the preferred sales platform for Graphotype related items Graphotype.net has elected to track and publish sales trends and data as it relates to Graphotype equipment and related items. 

eBay Sellers Notification

Copyright protection includes, but is not limited to, use of our information in auction listings and on websites.

  eBay WARNING !!! 

We have had such gross plagiarism and habitual offenders from eBay sellers we have had to create a eBay specific page to address copyright information for eBay sellers - it can be found here. . .

  - eBay WARNING PAGE - 

  eBay WARNING !!! 

eBay Forum Information

As a community service Graphotype.net regularly tracks and publishes the results of eBay and other auctions as it relates to the Graphotype community.

Content of eBay auctions published here on Graphotype.net are property of the respective sellers on eBay as identified by their Auction Item Numbers displayed in the auction title and/or description.  Credit for auction content is given to each seller by hyperlink and/or item number published here.

eBay users/sellers are assigned a screen name or eBay users name and the identification of eBay sellers is protected by eBay's format and terms of use, Graphotype.net has elected to protect eBay sellers copyright information by providing 1) hyper link to the physical auction and 2) Auction Item numbers for each Auction that are specific to that auction.

The publishing of eBay auction data is only provided to allow for a means of tracking sales trends as it relates to the Graphotype community.  The use of auction information for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

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